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At the end of November 2019, 15 members of the BTA visited Hautvillers. It was a full weekend, including a visit to the cathedral and Marche de Noël in Reims with lunch in a typical French restaurant. 

In the evening, we visited the vast cellars of the Hautvillers Champagne Cooperative building, where we were schooled in the fine art of Champagne making and tasted the different “vins clairs” of the 2019 harvest before they become champagne. We enjoyed a typical supper usually eaten at the end of the grape harvest.

On Sunday, before departing for home, we took a walk through the village with a superb guide who explained the history of Hautvillers, its beautiful signs, the church and other interesting buildings, culminating in a farewell brunch in the newly opened Chapelle Pierre Chevalier.

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